Enjoy crystal clear water thanks to the latest filter technology

NovaFlow Pool & Spa Filters


Made in Europe


Experience the future of water purification with our brand-new water filter, specifically designed for use in hot tubs and swimming pools.

The NovaFlow water filter, manufactured in Europe, incorporates the latest technology in filter materials to ensure that your bathing experience is hygienic and crystal clear.

Our filter has been designed with a focus on optimal water flow, ensuring that your hot tub or swimming pool is consistently supplied with fresh, clean water. The innovative construction of the NovaFlow filter not only guarantees efficient filtration but also outstanding performance, ensuring that your water is of the highest quality.


The health and safety of our bathers, especially children, are of utmost importance to us.

The NovaFlow water filter plays a crucial role in keeping the water free from impurities, allowing everyone to enjoy their time in the water without worry. Children, who often ingest significant amounts of water while playing, can do so with confidence, knowing that the NovaFlow filter ensures the water is as pure as possible.



Filter Media

The point bonded filtration media of NovaFlow Filters is made from best grade polyester Spunbonded material and offers the best results on the market. The unique combination of flat bond and trilobal fibers with their increased surface area make it an excellent filtration media.


Center Cores

NovaFlow filters are structured around specifically engineered central cores. This gives NovaFlow cartridges best results in terms of maximizing flow and thus reducing strain on the pump and maximizing the pores so that the water has access to the media and optimizes the complete surface.


End Caps

NovaFlow end caps are made from best quality polyurethane to ensure the best fit in its lodging. Threads are molded directly into the endcaps to ensure full-bodies robustness. Part numbers and logo are molded-into the end caps to ensure quick and easy identification.


NovaFlow is the new brand of NovaTech Europe GmbH, a German company that has been successfully operating in the pool & spa industry for over 25 years. Trust NovaFlow to elevate your bathing experience to new heights. With our advanced filtration technology, you can rely on your water always being clear, fresh, and hygienic. Discover the future of water enjoyment with NovaFlow – for uninterrupted bathing pleasure, day after day.